Payroll process

ABC Payroll process is a rich HR and Payroll solution for the Small, Medium and Large Business for all industries that offers customers a tremendous flexibility and ability to implement and customize it according to their needs reducing substantively the pain and costs of implementations.

The standard employee flexi forms function allows employees and managers to inquire personnel records and submit requests (leave, overtime, business trips,..) that go thru the right payroll process as pre-defined in the workflow setup for each or all transactions.

ABC Payroll process includes a very friendly procedure that guides the company’s accountant or HR officer to setup and implement the system very easily..

The critical process of initial data loading and upfront validation of employee basic and financial records is also driven by a procedure that permits direct entry or uploading an excel sheet. The fast track payroll procedure permits users to initialize the payroll records and run the first payroll and match it with the customer’s last payroll before proceeding further to initiate the system to all users and use the advanced functions and system setup functions.

ABC Payroll process is designed to meet the local and global needs and supports country, regional, international and industry diversified needs. Multinationals or regional companies can benefit from the multi-organization, multi-lingual and multi-currency, geographical and vertical consolidation, and global view capabilities.

Advanced features include date tracking, workflow, Alerts, scheduler, Audit, Access and Data security, attachments, etc…

The available modules include:

Standard Personnel & Payroll (SPP)
  1. Generate / Reverse payroll
  2. Standard /customized e-pay slip
  3. Payroll main reports (audit reports)
  4. Person file and related profiles (Education, Experience, Passport,..)
  5. Generate job offer
  6. Standard letters (Salary, Service & Identification certificates – user defined layout)
  7. Financial variations (Additions, Deductions, Loans)
  8. Expenses reporting
  9. Time attendance reporting
  10. Standard leave & gratuity accruals calculation and posting
  11. Labor law gratuity calculation (When applicable)
  12. Taxation and social insurance rules for announced countries and as available as per the labor law rules at time of announcement
  13. GL entries generation based on user defined setup 
  14. Employee & Manager web access (Self-service)
  15. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
Advanced Personnel & Payroll (APP)
  1. Rules-based Pay elements definition 
  2. Ability to apply bulk pay elements rules changes
  3. Rules-based Overtime plus bulk processing capability 
  4. Absence calculations and processing based on user-defined rules 
  5. Education Fees calculations and processing based on user-defined rules 
  6. Annual Ticket request based on user-defined rules 
  7. Annual tickets routes prices update
  8. Accruals calculation and posting based on user defined rules
  9. Gratuity calculations and processing based on user-defined rules 
  10. Full Retroactive Calculations
  11. Conditional Workflow setup
  12. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
Leave & Annual Tickets
  1. Standard Leave types with their rules (Annual, sick, unpaid, …)
  2. Leave request 
  3. Cancel leave request 
  4. Return from leave request 
  5. Leave Balance adjustment 
  6. Leave Statement at a certain date (balance, history, etc…)
  7. Annual Ticket request based on user-defined rules 
  8. Annual tickets routes prices update
  9. Managerial reports & statistics (remaining leave %, employees leaves, tickets balance, …)
  10. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
Business Trips
  1. Ability to define business trips rule: per-diem, transportation, accommodation, travel-days rates, etc…
  2. Business Trip request with or without advance payment request 
  3. Business Trip Request Change 
  4. Business Trip claim & expenses reconciliation based on defined rates, trip period & advance payment amount 
  5. Ability to run a report showing Detailed cost of the trips
  6. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
Time Sheet
  1. Monthly time sheets definition
  2. Assigning employees to different projects (cost centers) based on a pre-defined time table and role
  3. Filling and submitting time sheets 
  4. Ability to forward time sheets to different managers for approval
  5. Time sheets revisions 
  6. Ability to generate detailed activities reports
  7. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
  1. Different types of budget plans
  2. Workflow-based budget requests from different departments/units
  3. Cost estimation on company level, unit level and position level
  4. Rules-based budget pay elements
  5. What-if scenarios 
  6. Build and Generate adhoc reports and statistics easily
  7. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request


  1. Create a vacancy: job description, matching criteria, recruiters,…
  2. Publish vacancies online 
  3. Automatically match candidates and vacancies - matching ratio
  4. Initiate and receive notifications for interviews, new applicants, …
  5. Submit Job Offers
  6. Search candidates through freeform searches by personal data, skills, other resumes data,..
  7. Send personalized letter or email
  8. Add multi-media attachments: Photo, interview video
  9. Provide access to recruitment agencies to enter CVs, view vacancies, etc…
  10. Reports and Statistics

Job Seekers:

  1. Log in & Register
  2. Perform simple and advanced search for vacancies by keyword, location, salary, etc…
  3. Apply to published vacancies
  4. Create resume including all details: Name, Address, Employment History, Education, Skills, Qualifications, etc… 
  5. Add multi-media attachments (Photo, Certificates, Letters, …)
  6. Receive electronic notifications of job opportunities, invitations for interviews, notification of company events, confirmation of submitted applications, etc… 
  7. Manage account: resetting password, preferences, personal information, etc…
Performance Evaluation
  1. Ability to define different evaluation types (forms) based on different factors
  2. Assign evaluator(s) of each evaluation type & evaluation factor for each employee 
  3. Auto notification (alert) for evaluators with quick access to related online evaluation form
  4. Ability of Self-evaluation 
  5. Workflow-based online evaluation form
  6. Ability to record employees’ grievances/objections
  7. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
  1. Definition of training courses and centers (locations) details
  2. Preparation of Training budgets/plans with the ability to receive the training budget requests from different departments/units (workflow-based)
  3. Online training courses schedule
  4. Workflow-based online training request
  5. Training course feedback form (attendance, assessment, etc…)
  6. Reports & statistics about employees’ training profile
  7. Username / Position based workflow can be defined on the level of each request
Competency Management
  1. Definition of job descriptions & related competencies: skills, languages, education, experience …
  2. Skill Gap Analysis
  3. Training needs recommendations
  4. Auto matching candidates (employees/applicants) with specific position
  5. Career Paths definition and monitoring
  6. Succession Plans definition and monitoring

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