Why to outsource your HR, Payroll and Administrative functions to ABC- Audit & Business Consulting in North Africa?

ABC has a direct and strong partenership in algeria, Morocco and libya for supporting it worldwide client

ABC- Audit & Business Consulting provides a highly reliable and secure outsourcing environment for clients who seek to outsource their Payroll, HR & administrative operations thus avoid capital investment and reduce operating costs.

Building on its rich experience in the HR and Payroll field since 1999, ABC- Audit & Business Consulting has become a key player in North Africa where over 5 000 employees get their monthly pay-slips using ABC- Audit & Business Consulting services.

ABC- Audit & Business Consulting has a direct presence and subsidiary offices in the Tunis and Algeria, in addition to strong partnership in Libya and Morocco.

The extensive and customized outsourcing offering is combined by a powerful capability to quickly respond to special customer using its highly flexible and rich platform.We are the partners of ‘ADP’ #1 worldwide leader in payroll services in the world!

The ABC- Audit & Business Consulting leading position is further consolidated by the recent partnership with the #1 worldwide leader in payroll services ‘ADP’ whereby ABC- Audit & Business Consulting is responsible to process the payroll of ADP global clients’ offices in the countries of Tunisia and Algeria. This partnership is recognition of ABC- Audit & Business Consulting capabilities in this field.

Standard Payroll Outsourcing Services
  1. Loading and updates of customer environment (units, jobs, etc)
  2. Loading and updates of employee financial records (base salary, housing, etc)
  3. Loading and processing of payroll variations: Fixed value Allowances / deductions
  4. Payroll Processing
  5. Standard payroll output reports (payroll register, pay-slips, bank reports, etc)
  6. Generation of standard GL file
  7. Statutory rules (Taxation, Social Security) 
Additional and Optional Payroll Outsourcing Services
  1. Rules-based company benefits: Education Fees, Annual Tickets, Bonus, Overtime, saving schemes, End Of Service Gratuity
  2. Interface to HR and Financial Systems
  3. Customized reports (GL files, etc)
  4. Retrospective pay
  5. Individual off-cycle manual pay calculation
  6. Email pay-slip to employees
  7. Customized payroll instruction file
  8. data migration support
  9. End User training
  10. Payroll audit Assist
  11. Online submission of payroll variations and expense claims in a dedicated flexi-form by a limited number of professional users
HR Services
  1. Employee certificates (salary, service, etc)
  2. Alerts for employee documents expiry/ renewals (passport, labor card, driving license, etc)
  3. Employee Leave records
  4. Online and secure access to Person File including Person Profiles (performance, education, experience, training, absence, violations, passport , labor card, address, etc) plus attachments
  5. Employer of Record (applicable in some countries only)
Administrative services
  1. Submission of forms and reports to statutory bodies on behalf of the client 
  2. Registration to statutory bodies
  3. New entity creation

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